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Hello, this is Anand Thati.The purpose of writing this blog is to share my knowledge and to give an idea in an Embedded systems to the interested people. I hope Embedded System beginners will be benefited and they can get some knowledge in designing. This blog is mainly focused on Embedded System projects using 8051/52 controllers, because beginners will be having 8051 controllers knowledge. Also given Analog Circuits, MATLAB, Verilog Programming, VHDL programming, PIC16F877, ATmega169 controllers, and also mentioned reference text books. B.Tech projects Thesis also available for reference. And also mentioned Simulation tools and links required to design and simulate circuits and programming. You can watch videos on My YouTube channel  .I hope this blog will be helpful to you. 
Free Online Guidance Will Be Given in  Embedded Systems for beginners.
For any Queries/help please contact : electronicanand@gmail.com

              "Knowledge is for sharing not for hiding,
        Share your knowledge and gain more knowledge"
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                                    Anand Thati

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