Sunday, May 19, 2013

Smart Energy Meter using 8051

This is just a prototype of original meter having some features.
conventional analog energy meters indicates the meter reading by scrolling down the mechanical number plates. It will not show daily power consumption and cost/unit to the consumer. This is a prototype of Smart Energy meter it indicates the meter reading and cost/unit and also it can send the same information to the power grid. This is developed using AT89c51 microcontroller.

> Security UserID and Password
> Read Units anytime and price/unit
> send no.of Units to grid
> we can change userID and Password 
> get back to previous menu

to download code

Here is the functional tree chart

high level Flow chart: it gives behavioral working model of the meter

 Results: to see the video how it works 
  to see working video
 When user selected read units : displaying no.of units and price/unit

when user selected send to grid : it sent ID and no.of units consumed by the user
NOTE: meter readings are calculated by IR LED and PhotoDetector. In between the IR LED and PhotoDetector there will be a rotating magnetic coil of a conventional meter. But here we replaced it with one push button connected to the 555 timer(Monostable multivibrator), because we can't represent them here.