Thursday, May 30, 2013

Password based Door locking system

This is a  8051 based security project, we can lock and unlock the door electronically. Electronic door locking systems are used in Bank lockers, home lockers, main doors and prison  etc.,

Working: When we give correct UserID and Password then only we can UNLOCK and LOCK the door otherwise we can't operate it. If we entered correct userID and password it will show authenticated message on LCD screen otherwise Invalid userID or Access Denide. Then you can select one of the option LOCK DOOR and UNLOCK DOOR.
Here is the functional flow chart 

to download C-code
Here we are showing how door can be locked and unlocked mechanically and electrically with mechanical body of the door                                                                         Available Product
 Schematic Diagram:  
  to see the video output
case'1': when the door is locked

case'2':When the door is unlocked
NOTE: I haven't connected any motor driver here, but practically we can interconnect opto-coupler or motor driver H-bridge.