Monday, July 22, 2013

GSM based Anti Theft security locker system

Generally in our homes and banks we will put our money ,Gold and other expensive items in the lockers. In case if there is no person in the home/bank, there is a chance that an unauthorized person (stealer) may broke the locker and steal your property. There is no guarantee that you will get back your property. Keeping this point in mind i designed a security system which will alert the owner and Cops when unauthorized person opens your locker. 
Block diagram:                                                                                                


When the locker is closed the controller will not send any message to the owner. When unauthorized person opens the door the controller will send a message "Warning: Unauthorized person opened the lock" to the owner ( and also to the police controller room with address if required).
Schematic Diagram:
unauthorized person opened the lock

to download C-code
 Flow Chart: