Saturday, January 23, 2016

Controlling devices (connected to GPRS modem) from Internet server / Internet of Things

Internet of Things is becoming more prominent in todays world. In near future, all the new products emerging in to the market will have IoT feature inbuilt. In this post I am explaining how to make a small IoT project using the arduino nano board, GPRS modem and a web socket. I have designed this system to control one load (Switch ON/OFF) and to know the status of the load from your computer. 

Used SIM900A modem connected with Arduino nano board and two Relay/LED. This post is similar to the previous post using GSM connection, the only difference is it is controlled from your computer. 

Install Socket_test3 tool on your laptop/computer which is having Internet connection. Get your IP address and enter in the CODE,

click on server tab in socket_test tool and enter port id : 747 (mentioned in the code) or you can change it. Start the connection....

Download this code to arduino nano board. Open the serial monitor window and wait for the connection to establish. Now you can transfer data from your computer to the arduino board via Internet connection. If you want to send  data  dynamically enter it on serial monitor window. You can store your data in a variable and send it to server upon a condition.