Sunday, November 23, 2014

GSM Interfacing with Arduino Uno board/ Temperature monitoring using LM35

Abstract: In this project we are going to develop a system, which will monitor temperature in the surroundings and sends a message to the corresponding person. We used GSM SIM300 Modem, Arduino Uno board and LM35 sensor. This system can be installed in Forests, Industries and even in homes to monitor the fire accidents and intimates the person to take immediate action.

Figure below shows the circuit connections.

LM35 is a temperature sensor,who's output varies according to the temperature variations. Every 1 degree C temperature variation changes its output voltage by 10mv. If the current room temperature is 25 degree C then the output voltage will be 0.30 volts. Vcc of LM35 is connected to 5v supply of Arduino Uno , Analog output and GND pin to A0 pin ,GND of Arduino pin respectively.

GSM interfacing to Arduino Uno board:

Connect Receiver pin of GSM modem to the Transmitter pin of Arduino Uno, Transmitter pin of GSM modem to Receiver pin of Arduino Uno and connect both the grounds. Insert SIM and plug the modem. Wait for the GSM modem to get network, indicated by LED blinking. 

Flow chart: 


1.  to download the Arduino Uno Code
2.  to see LM35 datasheet