Sunday, November 2, 2014

ATmega16A/32 USB Boot-loader Circuit/Programmer

Fig.1 shows the ATmega16A USB boot-loader circuit. Integrate all the components shown in the circuit. Download the AVR USB Flash programmer tool and upload your .HEX file on to the microcontroller. The circuit can be used as a separate programmer or it can be integrated on to your project.

Fig.1 ATmega16A USB Boot-loader circuit

 Fig.2 shows the ATmega16A/32 USB boot-loader and Development kit. Connect all the components and upload your .HEX file on to the controller. This circuit can be used to program your controllers and also can be used as a standard development board. It has character LCD and SPI connections. This circuit is best for students doing embedded system projects on ATmega16A controller.
Fig.2 ATmega16A/32 USB Boot-loader and Development kit circuit