Thursday, June 6, 2013

Automatic car parking indicator using 8051

This system will indicate empty and filled car parking slots at the entry. Now a days Car parking at shopping malls and markets is becoming a big issue and is causing to traffic jam. To avoid this  problem we are designing this system to indicate empty slots and filled slots, so that a car driving person can directly take his car to that particular empty slot. we will indicate the slot state by LEDs and also in LCD screen. we will use IR sensors to sense the presence of car in the slot.
Working: when a car enter into a empty slot the photo detector output will become '1', this will change the state of the slot to filled, otherwise it is remained in empty state only. like wise all the slots are detected by IR sensors.
Here is the functional flow chart

  to download C-code
  to see output video 
  to see working video -1
Schematic Diagram:
case'1': when all the slots are empty
all the LEDs are glowing and slot states are displayed in LCD  
here LED ON means slot empty; and LED OFF means slot filled 
case'2': when 1st and 2nd slots are filled
1st and 2nd LEDs are glowing and the same thing is displayed in LCD
pushbuttons are to be replaced by IR sensors and comparators